Full Body 360 Wrap

Full body Clear Shield (Max and Max) is one of the latest mobile protection for all smart phones
that is lead in all over the UAE and Pakistan.

What we are using?

We are using pure Poly Urethane anti scratch thin film to protect complete mobile phone.

Our Brand Pillars

Products we use ourselves:

Protecting your beloved mobile is critical, but most solutions are bulky and awkward. This drove us to make our very first product, MobogenieMax and the process we used to come up with the beautiful solution is at the heart of every product we make. We ask ourselves: would we use this product? The products we sell are products we believe in, and we use every day.

Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee:

We only make products we can stand behind. If we can’t promise to replace it for the life of your phone, we aren’t interested in making it. After all, what good is a product if it doesn’t have a guarantee?

Made in the USA:

Our first product was launched with quality US manufacturing in mind, and this value is still a part of every decision we make. Our products are designed, sourced, manufactured and shipped in the UAE and Pakistan, from our HQ in USA.

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