Max & Max Air Tag Key Ring Silicone Case Red

Max & Max Air Tag Key Ring Silicone Case RED



The Air tag protective cover is made of 100% high-quality silicone. The unique process makes the protective cover more skin-friendly
Color: Red
Made of unique high-quality silicone, the weight is almost negligible, and the right thickness can protect your air tag
Does not affect the signal —- When you lost something, you?re for Air Tag will send out a secure Bluetooth signal to let you find it, and our protective case will not affect the signal transmission, allowing you to perform precise positioning.
Does not affect the sound transmission —- your various commands can make for Air Tag?s built-in speaker play a sound to indicate the position, and our product will not weaken the sound transmission effect, so that you can hear the sound it makes in time.
Protective—- This silicone case is customized for Air tags, so that it can protect your device for air tags. When you take your child to the park or beach, hang this on your child, you can find them at any time, and you don?t have to worry about your air tag being broken due to your child?s strenuous exercise.


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